User Experience Consulting

Our focus is on creating products and business experiences that are simple to use yet elegant and state of the art. Our most important and valuable critics are the consumers of the experiences that we create.

Creating functional, user friendly device agnostic experiences
for one and all.

creatinf -function

Design Strategy

User experience is about vision, location, and function, or in user terms - it's the what, where and how; The key to designing software & applications that have the ability to best serve user business needs. Our design and development team is by now used to thinking about these basic adverbs all the time. It has helped our customer relationships enormously...:)

User experience at UserWorks starts with understanding the client business, the service needs and their audience. We then develop and evolve the digital assets through focused user tests, prototyping, interaction design, effective visual design, usability feedback and testing of the overall engagement experience design.

As businesses, consumer behaviour and competitive landscapes evolve, our focus remains on helping clients staying ahead on the product/service development cycle with user feedback driven design development.

Information Architecture

The process of setting up a product / application so that form and function complement the users business need, is how we define information architecture. We build a deep understanding of the user goals and product features via intense user workflow storyboarding and mind maps, in order to evolve an efficient product/service interaction plan.

Function meets form, everything is awesome

We create usable design experiences including e-commerce webs, corporate webs, Enterprise intranets, mobile webs and custom mobile application UI. We also excel in graphic design and brand identity development that we undertake from time to time

User Interface Design

Our UI designers are artists who understand functionality through the eyes of the user. The need to take a mundane looking box element in a layout plan, and adding life to it through design is what they live for. UI design is all about defining functional elements in a design in a way that the user understands the functionality associated with it intuitively. UI design is also about look and feel, where functional elements come to life and engage, excite and satisfy the user effectively. UserWorks has great understanding of interaction and visual design that helps produce world class products that are loved by the user.

  • Visual design development
  • Interaction design and prototyping
  • A/B testing
Get your business to connect with your users efficiently. Are you looking to create products and services that leave a great lasting impact on your users? If so, then do let us enable you with the strategy and tools to get there.