UserWorks offers end -to- end solutions for small & large enterprises to setup and manage the complete workflow of their e-commerce business. Solutions include e-Store Setup & management, multiple country, currency & language sites, omnichannel product management, multiple warehouse management, sales, order tracking, returns & warranty/service management, & more.

We work closely with all our e-commerce clients & partners, understanding their unique business needs & consulting them every step of the way to ensure they are on top of all the challenges that their enterprise comes across. We support them with state of the art technology, design, UX consulting & management.

The Technology

We specialise in building e-commerce systems using ZEND, DRUPAL, PRESTASHOP, and other MVC and web frameworks on Open source technologies. We support popular cloud hosting platforms (AMAZON, AZURE, RACKSPACE, HOSTGATOR, HEROKU, ENGINEYARD, etc ) and enable businesses to migrate existing e-commerce systems to the cloud efficiently. Userworks E-commerce solutions are mobility ready, focusing on a mobile first approach to your business We set up and manage web services required for e-commerce on dedicated servers, as well as third party hosted cloud services such as Amazon web services. Our Agile development environment supports innovation and quick, frequent feature releases, keeping clients ahead in a fiercely competitive business. In addition to standard e-commerce life cycle services and support, we focus on future technologies and experiences such as augmented reality applications and interfaces to drive shopping experiences via wearable technology, the future of enhanced consumer engagement in e-commerce.



shopping experiences

Focus on the Cart of the matter


E-Store setup and Catalog Management

(Content Management System)

Easily manage creation and addition of products, specifications and associated media for your store via a user friendly system. Efficient features to speed up setting up of sales channels.

  • Omnichannel management
  • In-bound and out-bound product feed integration
  • SEO and Marketing management

Cart & Checkout Management

for multiple payment options and gateways

UserWorks cart management solution is custom developed to support multiple payment methods and gateways including PAYPAL, PAYSON, AMAZON CHECKOUT, STANDARD CARD PAYMENT, and more. The system also seamlessly supports cart management across multiple countries & currencies, allowing easy scaling of business to support the global consumer. UserWorks Cart is the only available e-commerce system that provides Automated Fraud Detection and learning.


Merchandise Management

Manage orders & inventory across all sales channels. Manage pricing, stock, inventory, routing & more using this module. Plan for merchandise replenishment, clearance, warehouse management & distribution across locations.

Warranty & Returns Management

Define standard warranty and returns policies. Efficiently manage returns and warranties on items sold using this module. across locations.


Logistics & Order Tracking

The Fulfillment Module consists of integrated logistics, order tracking and warehouse management, that allows businesses and consumers to manage and track shipments in real time. Automate shipping schedules depending on the source of the order and the location of the shipment to improve efficiency and optimise fulfilment costs.


Sales Management

Solutions that allow e-commerce businesses to seamlessly integrate with marketplaces worldwide. Publish and manage products, orders and fulfilment across sales channels and marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, Lazada, Overstock, etc. Businesses can also generate and customise product feeds to integrate with Google, Singlefeed, Rakuten, Pricegrabber, Shopzilla and other shopping/ product comparison sites.



on business trends, channels and customer activity

Get detailed reports on all that is going on with your business. Identify areas of improving efficiency to build a stronger enterprise. Analyse sales and trends across channels, countries, products, etc Configure analytics driven pricing algorithms to stay ahead of the market at all times.


Online Customer Engagement

Live Chat

Engage with customers online while they browse and shop. Improve conversion ratio by offering improved on site live support. Track and manage support executive interactions for better customer engagement levels.

Augmented Reality enhancements

Userworks AR integrates seamlessly into the e-commerce store, to give the user an easy way of trying out wearable products on themselves. The feature allows for better matching of the product to the consumer, via easy tryouts of the products for size and feel. AR also results in lesser returns and hence higher cost savings for the business, in addition to the wow factor of augmented reality try it ons.


Have a custom requirement or project in mind? From development of new products/services to migration of existing legacy systems to todays technologies, we would love to help with your plans.