Natural Language Processing

It has been human beings endeavour to create systems that can handle tasks that we do - only with more precision and much greater efficiency. The challenge to that is to enable machines to learn as they do those tasks, something we at UserWorks get really buzzed thinking about.

Our focus on Natural Language Processing has been derived from that buzz - we have been working on complex algorithms to decipher and automate the machine learning process, as the first steps to the great challenge is creating a system that can learn from human interaction based input and process and return usable information to us.

Big Data

UW has one of the few teams globally that is actively working on R&D in natural language input processing. Our understanding of complex databases and the impact of machine learning is second to none. We have advanced skills in Apache Hadoop, Apache HBase, Cassandra, MongoDB, Scribe, NoSQL and more, giving us the advantage in working on High Performance Computing based application development and integration/migration.

SMART applications

Our expertise in cognitive data processing helps enterprises build and scale expertise across any domain of knowledge and help make complex decisions involving exhaustive amounts of Big Data.

We help leverage the power of data to develop next generation product and applications using NLP, AI, Machine learning and ontologies.

Get your products truly SMART

Know more about how you can leverage cognitive computing for your business applications, products and services.

Customer engagement applications,
the future of the successful Enterprise.

NLP Applications

Our research in the area of NLP has led us to develop innovative applications that find use in automating and improving business specific tasks across all domains. The first such application is called Light. Light is the worlds first online knowledge network that helps connect people with the knowledge to the people who seek that knowledge, in real time.

Light uses complex linguistic, statistical, and neural network algorithms to read and understand text / queries that a user sends, and responds to those inputs appropriately, like a real life person would.

Light gives relevant and usable answers to any question you may have, instead of search links.

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